David Randall

David Randall:

...graphic designer, marketing professional, and watercolor painter...with a big chunk of my heart tucked away on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It was there I set out to develop an experiential brand to capture our innate love of water....for those of us who have a serious addiction to the beach, the ocean...lakes, rivers and streams.  You'll discover that Waterhigh® is a lifestyle celebration of everything water.  Hope you like the original designs and art featured on our garments.  New original designs and items added on a regular basis.  

Stay high on water!

"Grounding" 2018 Watercolor —D. Randall



MJ Cronin, Vice president

Part accountant, part sales manager, part winemaker, part outdoor enthusiast, MJ wears a lot of hats at Waterhigh.  Her primary focus is on making everyone's day a little smilier...including our own, our partners', and our customers'.


Stephanie Kiker, Signature Artist 

Water enthusiast, renowned artist throughout the Southeast and East Coast.... Waterhigh® Signature artist and creative partner.

“I love living at the beach and on an island...Hatteras Island, North Carolina." Stephanie's art is inspired by her environment. Whether it's on the beach, on the water, under the water, in the marshes, or in the sound she enjoys creating her own interpretations and expressions of the wildlife and their natural surroundings.

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